Southend-on-Sea Sailing Barge Match

52nd Southend Barge Match took place on Sunday August 30th 2015.

2015 Results:

Staysail Class:

1st NIAGARA - skipper Peter Sands
2nd REMINDER - skipper Richard Titchener
3rd MELISSA - skipper Jonathan Webb

Bowsprit Class:

1st ADIEU - skipper Iolo Brooks
2nd MARJORIE - skipper Simon Devonshire
3rd CAMBRIA - skipper Ian Ruffles

David Renouf
Southend Barge Match Committee Chairman

Please note we will be looking for suitable photographs to be used for our publicity next year - for which we will credit the photographer.
If you have a photo we could consider. please contact


Many thanks to everyone for their contributions to this exciting event.
Thanks to Christopher Tourle for photographs

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