Southend-on-Sea Sailing Barge Match

How Can You Help?

The Southend Barge Match Committe is always pleased to welcome new members who would like to assist the many different roles required to organise each year's Match.

Some sailing barges depend on charter in order to take part in the race. Would you like to be part of the race and sail on one of the participating barges? They can take up to 12 passengers for a race, so could easily accommodate a group of friends or club members, etc.Challenge another group and see which barge wins. Help the crew to race against your rivals!

Would you like to place an advertisement in our programme? The proceeds are a necessary part of the funding of the event. Additional advertisers will help us improve the things we can do to make the event better.

Match sponsorship is another way you could help.

Sponson a new trophy to be awarded for the match?

We would be happy to receive donations of raffle prizes for the Grand Raffle that will take place during the prizegiving on the Match day.

Please email if you would like more information about the ways you can help.

Many thanks.

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